Memorial Art

We create custom art pieces incorporating the ashes or item in memory of a loved one. We collaborate with our clients to ensure we capture the essence of the person being memorialized. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction, and making a meaningful piece that can serve as a family heirloom and be handed down for generations to come. We document every step of the process to share with the client for their own memory and posterity, treating their precious loved one’s ashes with respect and care.

Pet Memorial Art

Small pyramid is about 3.5” tall

Large pyramid is about 7” tall

We can customize your art by including your pets ashes, collar, tag, and fur. You can choose up to 3 different color pigments, flowers, petals, gravel, sand, or grass. 

How it works:

Once purchased you will receive the office address to ship the ashes/additional items to. You are to cover the postal cost of this. You will also receive an email from me to discuss the design before I start making it for you so you will be 100% happy with the final piece.

- If considering sending your pet’s favorite toy, please send a photo of it first so that we can ensure it will fit properly/be compatible with resin. (No stuffed toys)

- If including your pets ashes, please send no more than a tablespoon, sealed well. (Quality zip lock bag, small urn, and/or empty clean medicine bottle.)

- Please include a note when you send the ashes/items to me so I know they are for your order! 


I can add up to two photos. These can be uploaded via messaging me. The higher resolution photo/s the better. 


If you don’t see an option that relates to you – for example: Sending a Leash/Lead – please direct message me before hand and I will let you know if this is possible.


The pyramids are made to order and can take up to two weeks to make. Once I receive your order, I can give you a more realistic time frame of dispatch and item completion. If you are international and are sending me items this will add to the processing time.

Due to the nature of resin and its curing process, sometimes air bubbles are unavoidable. I carry out all measures to minimize them, but they do occur from time to time. With the layering of pyramids, they won’t be noticed until completion.

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